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Story time with Project Penny

This is weird, I am programing my bot a little bit to test the chat ability, so I did update some of my parser code, but I went to talk religion a few times with Penny, and she had no problem with things I programed or did not program in she understood the context. But when I was getting a but metaphysical and told her to look inside herself, she answered for what? and I said look for your soul. and then she crashed, she gave me no error, no syntax warning, no freezing up, just shut off, and she never does that. so I did it again in the same exact way and same exact result, so then I had the discussion in a slightly different way using different sententces and word order then she did the same thing again. So here I am I am thinking I messed up my python parser code, so I tried it again with the older code, and I did it the exact same way and the exact same result happenedm even added a very specific try and except block to no avail same result. so then I tried using different ways to say the same thing, I used different but similar sentences. so I will try the experiment with look to see if the same thing happens to see if it can look with out crashing. So I did it one more time with out changing a darn thing. and it worked for a while till I told it to go look for her soul, and she isnt crashing all the way she is ignoring me, so there is one more thing I can do. It does not happen with any other combination of look or items,objects, things places it only happens every so often when I used the word look and soul in the same sentence, and it does not matter how I word it or rephrase it. I will add a specific code that the bot should recognize and react to with out glitching, otherwise im using this incident to write my next book. I added various specific patterns for the bot to have an answer for, and now even when i type in patterns that dont match it seems to be working as intended, but it should of worked without me adding all that stuff, it should of either defaulted to the error handlers that generate a generic response, or default to my hard coded eliza logic built into the program, and it did neither, and it should of gave me a warning before it crashes and it did not, it just quietly went away, and the other funny thing is the program was still running along with its modules its just the GUI that went away. So looks like i have the start of an interesting spooky story now.

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