My dream I keep wanting to jump back into...

It was about the fiance and I getting to own this HUGE mansion for cheap. It came with all the furniture and trash that was left behind. We cleaned it up quite a bit for a holiday dinner. My cat Leo was in it but I was trying to befriend the other cats that were there too. Two black ones and a poor white one that was hiding in what looked like the old childrens rooms. My girl Igmoo was in it too but she was also probably a different tortie cat. Our plan was to rent out some of the rooms and kind of live in the mansion almost like apartment living. 

Weirdest part of the house is the man who sold it to us lived in a smaller mansion across the road  and dressed like a normal farmer. He raised Cows, Wolves and two Jaguars for some reason. He said to be careful with pets because of the wolves and Jaguars but we were free to visit anytime. 

The house was so gorgeous. The first floor was a huge expansive entrance that lead to a huge dining room on the right and a living room area to the left. Two staircases led up to the second floor with an elevator in the middle. The kitchen was passed the stairs with a smaller dining room, kitchen bar and reading nook to look outside on a massive lake. The porch outside of course wrapped around the house as well as the deck. The right side of the second floor we kind of claimed as our area aside from the gigantic library. Our bedroom was huge, had a bathroom, walk in closets just the whole nine yards with classy gothic looking furniture. The library was also just as huge and extravagant however was a wreck. The kitchen was nice but full of moving coat racks with coats for some reason. We kept a good chunk in case future tenants wanted them.

There was a moveable cart that had a small grill, pizza oven and regular electric stove on it. Fiance tried to put it in the kitchen NEXT to the normal stove and I told them to move it to the outside of our deck so we could have our own food in case we didn't feel like socializing that day. The right of the house had a bunch of almost what looked like slightly bigger hotel rooms. There was a long hallway of them. The kids rooms however were off to the left as you entered and looked like they had no doors? Might have been baby rooms. I dunno but our plan was to coax the cat out and turn them into free to use offices with basic computers. There was and entrance to a tennis court when you went to the very end of the hall. Dunno what we were gonna do with that. 

We were about to get out first tenant when I woke up.

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That’s quite a dream.

Now you got to find out what your subconscious was trying tell you..

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