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happy lesbian visibility week !!

forgot to post it yesterday but happy lesbian week to all the lesbians out there !! we're visible for 1 week only so make it count !!11 /jĀ 

but srsly, what a great week cant believe lesbians r real !!1 /j

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š“Æš“»š“®š“Ŗš““š”‚ edward cullen

š“Æš“»š“®š“Ŗš““š”‚ edward cullen's profile picture

š’²š’Ŗš’Ŗš’Ŗ ā„’ā„°š’Æš’® š’¢š’Ŗ ā„’ā„°š’®ā„¬ā„š’œš’©š’®ļ¼ļ¼ļ¼

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sorry I cant read that but I assume its good ^^ WOO LESBIANS

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