New Horizons

Hello friends!

I have really gone out on a limb today .. I have taken a huge step toward building an actual business from the crafts that I dabble in from time to time and published a website!  Etsy was starting to become a real drag to work with and I wanted to be able to post whatever I want to so .. I did it :)

At the time of this writing the virtual shelving is still mostly bare .. additionally, it seems that my old marketing photos of the inventory that I still have has disappeared from my computer so I must start over with the photography .. that's ok .. I bought myself a new lighting kit recently that I have yet to try out :D

Previously I had concentrated on making jewelry .. lately I feel drawn to creating other artful items as well, such as clothing, paintings, and solid scent sticks .. perhaps I'll offer tarot card pulls as well .. anything goes with my very own website.

So, today was about the creation of the site .. tomorrow we shall see about populating it with inventory .. if anyone is interested in what I have up so far you can find Moonlit Dreams at .. thank you for reading and feel free to leave me a comment!

Peace ~Jules~

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