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Time really does fly by. (4/2024)

My last blog post was back in Sept of 2023 and here we are again in the future. Things aren't so bad yet, huh? Not until the friggin' election comes by and we're in a panic about this and that. 


But let's not worry about that now. I'm still at my same ol' wine job i've been at since last year. Its crazy that i'll complete a year in a few days. Time really does go by. Sheesh, I even got a raise which was fucking crazy because I think this job had the roughest fucking landing I've had in a job. Still, go me!!! I fucking nailed it!! 

My partner went through an incredible surgery that he's recovering from and we're so, so so so glad that everything went ok lol. God, its amazing how well things can go for some people sometimes. Maybe.. Just maybe, things can go right for fckin once! 

I also transitioned back from being they/them to he/him I guess. I'm AMAB and I went from cis -> enby -> trans fem -> nb -> cis. So, so wild that after maybe 6 years i've just been through a cycle back to the start.. Go figure. 

I think I really did enjoy being male all this time.. Sometimes I get a feminine side to me that i'd just be in a mood for that lasts maybe a few weeks but I really do feel great being a guy! A big galoot! A lovable fella! 


I'm also lightening up in terms of religion, too. I like a lot of aspects from LaVeyan satanism, but its just aesthetics at the end of the day. Spiritually, I'm trying to find where to go and what to do in the end of the day.. Even if a religion was right, I would still try and branch out to other beliefs/viewpoints just to see insights of whichever and whatever, y'know? Deep shit like that.. I wish I paid more attention to astrology or kept up with rituals!! The only ritual i can regularly do is wake up and head back to my computer to zoom around the net some more! 


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This is very sweet :3c, congratulations on figuring yourself out! i hope it all turns out good for you

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Thank you very much! Life's such an odd road and i'm still so dang surprised by the stuff I keep figuring out. Thank you x2 for reading my blog!

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Thats how it is!

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