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blabbering about random stuff (mostly blorbos from my shows)

omgggggggggg guys. i know the other day i was like "i kinda like zukka" that was a LIE I LOVEEEEEEEEEE THEM. IM LITERALLY CRAZY ABOUT THEM. THEYRE SO GAYYYYYY and i know im being insane and crazy rn and this makes no sense and it would never happen but oh my GOD, they are literally so in love i think. im shoving them together like barbie dolls. i hate them SO MUCH I HATE THEM I HATE THEMMMMMM OMG, ...,. literally howling and throwing things rn im going feralllllll. guys i know this ship is super dumb but like omggggggg hear me out. theyre like that one tumblr post thats like "do i ship them or want them to be a comedy duo" but they're both. they are eachothers bi awakening i think. tbh i probably wouldnt even ship them if it wasnt for one of my friends who sent two images in a gc vaguely shipping them and at first i was like "hmmmmm idk about this one... idk.... idk guys" and it slowly grew on me and now im losing my mind

anywayyy I HAVE A MATH TEST SOON UGHHHH I DONT WANNA STUDY........ i just wanna watch legend of korra smh. its pretty interesting so far. me and my sister's boyfriend (who is FORCING me to watch it with him cuz he never saw it but he's been a huge fan of atla since before i even knew it existed) have this running bit where every time a new character is introduced we go "i think that character is secretly amon". guys i think pabu is amon actually

SPECTRUM OBLIGATO EBB AND FLOW IS SO GOOD IM LISTENING TO IT RN AND GETTING KINDA EMOTIONAL... i will never forget when i did the first fight against order and it started playing. i was playing rlly late at night like at 12:00 pm when my mom thought i was asleep. i had to have the volume down but even then i was like holy shittt this is so good. even if side order wasnt close to what octo expansion was i still loved it. i do wish it had a darker story or something but i think it was really nice anyway. im actually getting sad rn over achts story lol WHY IS MY SISTER CALLING ME HOLD ON

ok whatever she was telling me to unlock the door smh. anyway im listening to a random playlist on shuffle and it keeps slapping me in the face with memories from last year oh my goddddddd................... i did not wanna remember that rn

OH ALSO ALSO !!! GUYS GUYS GUYS I HEARD THAT THERE MIGHT BE A NEW ALBUM FROM A TALLY HALL MEMBER SOON IM SO SOSOSOOSOSOSOOOO EXCITED I REALLY HOPE ITS NOT FROM JOE THOUGH. he really needs to get help. i really hope its a new album from rob i used to be the biggest rob fan. im actually a huge fan of not a trampoline, idk why people hate it. i was never a hater. i love that album so soso much. i wouldnt mind if it were andrew but i probably wouldnt listen to it a lot, i just dont like his songs as much, they are really good though. it would be cool if zubin or ross was involved in whatever is going on. i dont think either of them would really just release an album, cuz iirc they dont write songs, but it would be cool if they participated in it. im trying not to get too hopeful incase its just a huge hoax or if its a joe album but i cant say im not a little excited. anyway does anyone remember when rob randomly released a song for some mediocre movie???? i dont even remember what it sounded like. i remember thinking it was decent but it didnt stand out to me much. oh also i think its crazy i just casually own a plushie of rob lol. this guy is just in the corner of my room

gonna stop yapping now 

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