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About me;

  1. ✮⋆˙ Dos / Dai, He/Him. Unlabeled.

  2. ✮⋆˙ 15. turning 16 on September.

  3. ✮⋆˙ Eng/Esp, learing Russian.

  4. FYI;

  5. > I am kind of a problematic / controversial person, if i trust you and you are okay with it i might vent or do some lame jokes about my problems (sh n ed as example) or some dark topics. i won't say a thing unless you say its fine tho! i respect boundaries. 

  6. > Sarcastic. VERY.  usually i dont notice if i sound mad / annoyed / or any emotion in general. i struggle with them. i use tone indicators for the same reason.

  7. > Flirty personality. my personality changes a lot since i try to get to know you before actually being myself. 

  8. > Late replies most of the times, i don't usually log when im in school and sometimes my wifi can be really bad, but if at one point we are close i might add you on a social i use constantly.

  9. DNI;

  10. > -13 & +22.

  11. > Extremely sensitive people.

  12. > Moralists.

  13. > Proshippers.

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