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life update (tw)

THIS BLOG CONTAINS SENSITIVE TOPICS, SUCH AS DEATH & GREIF (no I am not trying to gain sympathy from anyone, I'm just giving a life update :3)

god I haven't been on here in a month or 2

so uh... lots of shit has happened!! 

so, my dad died February 18th, right? my mom didn't handle his death very well, which lead her to not eat for 18 days. that put her into the hospital. 

she got out & was alright, not 100% but she was managing, still grieving over my dad though. one bad thing though was that her o2 levels weren't good at all, they were going down into the 80s, 70s, and occasionally 60s, I pushed her to go back to the hospital because that AINT GOOD AT ALL. she refused, I just hoped everyday that her o2 levels would get better

one night we went to bed, I slept in the same bed as her, I woke up & guess fucking what. she was literally dead right next to me, how I knew? she wasn't breathing, her body was cold & she was stiff. I called up 911 & paramedics came out and they confirmed that she had passed

of course I immediately started bawling my eyes out, because both of my parents had passed in UNDER A MONTH. 

anyways time skip to tomorrow, went to court because someone was gonna have to take custody of me now. surprisingly my cousin who was a state below me came all the way up to the court to see me

honestly was quite surprised. I got put into foster care for the time being though, I'm gonna go to my aunts once everything was approved and shit, not sure how long it'll take though... since she's also a state below me

been pretty good since I've been in foster care though, grateful I got put with a nice family

and my mental health has improved quite a lot, so in my opinion that's good lmao

uhhh so yeah :3 

life update ig, ty for reading 

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