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spacehey pet peeves

I'm sure most of these have been thought of before but these are my thoughts

Blogs and Bulletins
  1. option to automatically subscribe to new friends' blogs
  2. notifications for new posts from subscribed blogs
  3. option to sort by most recent in blog and forum searches
  4. mark blogs and bulletins as read
  5. prevent people from posting duplicates of their bulletins (some people with slow wifi hit the post button multiple times and it creates copies)
  6. move the WYSIWYG editor sign to the right in the create blog entry page
I think these changes would encourage ppl to post more in the blogs instead of putting everything in their bulletins

  1. a separate box for your custom css in the profile edit page (would allow accessibility option to turn off custom css, some profiles hurt my head man)
  2. live preview your custom css WHILE editing it (I've been editing mine locally because it's bothersome to reload often)
  3. checkboxes to hide elements you don't want (for example I have books hidden using css because I don't read much LOL)
  1. ability to prune friends list (ex. remove friends who haven't been online in a year)
  2. delay new members from appearing on the home page for a few hours (for setting up the profile and weeding out gore before being shown to hundreds of ppl)

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