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Modern day

I love music. I love cartoons. I love art.

But literally everything is so shitty nowadays, it's all just rap and fucking "skibidi" or whatever it's called, and on top of that, AI shit. There's no effort or creativity put into anything. Songs use random lyrics, that don't even make sense, or trap beats, instead of putting actual emotion into their songs, they produce copy and paste shit for money. There is no emotion.

Everyone and everything is the same. The malls are dead, and the few people that are there are just on their phones. Everything is going out of business or going digital because of everyone being so chronically online. I don't even understand social media, or anything nowadays. 

I seriously don't speak the language people in this modern day do, it's so confusing. Like dogday pomni rizz what??? What are you even saying??? And these kids are so frustrating, they don't even know what an iPod is.


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