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Bug/insect ‘things’ I have. (Can’t think of a better word than ‘thing’)

These are all of the bug/insect 'things' that I have. Everything was made by me unless specified or it's an actual insect or bug. 


Two paintings of bees, the first is a Giant Teddy-bear Bee, the second is a Blue Banded Bee.

This is a mobile that I made out of cardboard with leaves and butterflies as the 'things'. I attached it to the top of my door. (Sorry that it's a little hard to see)


Pixel bees that I traced/copied from a random image on the internet.


I didn't draw these ones, a friend did.


A random butterfly (I think a Common Crow) that I found while walking to school one day. One wing is missing, and two others are damaged.


These are smaller drawings I did. (idc that spiders aren't insects or bugs)

I loved ladybugs when I was little, so I used to 'keep' them but they'd die i think because I either suffocated or starved them (or both).

Some butterfly hair-clips that I have which I just decided to add.

Pin/badges that I have.

I'll make another blog dedicated to photographs that I've taken of bugs/insects/spiders later. (it's probably going to be big)

(I just realised that I forgot two more things, I'll update this soon)

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