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hiii! it's been a while!

hello there everyone!!! how are u all doinggg :3

i'm a bit bored at school and i might have a test today and it most likely will go bad, but mom and i dont care since lots of stuff has been going on.

many people in my family know that i do self harm and my parents are getting separated (which i'm pretty happy about) and stuff like that. i've been also pretty tired cuz i tried to laid off the caffeine since i was getting a few panic attacks but i guess i have to make a sacrifice and go back to it. but hey in may i'll get to cosplay as noisette and have fun in novegro with friends!

and on sunday i'll most likely meet my best friend again :3

but uhhh yeah!! today i'll go look for noisette's shoes and pink paint to set up the bunny ears...i'm sososooso excited!!

so yeah !! i don't have anything else to talk about....blehhh

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