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Found an old CRT

So ive been meaning to pick up a CRT to go with all my old technology and one day i was walking to school and found some guy throwing out an old CRT! I asked if they're alright to take and he let me!

I took it back home, was suprised to see how well it worked and now i use it as a gamecube rig with my modded wii lol.

(gameplay photos taken on an old camera to fit the vibe)

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that's honestly really fucking cool. they're so expensive trying to find like a local seller or even online so it's nice how you found one on your walk to school. I literally found one because my neighbors just set it on their lawn and I snagged it LOL. they're so epic and I remember losing my shit

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Yeah i was looking for one like crazy online but they were just so expensive. Like 2 days after trying to find one i found that on their lawn lol

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Awesome!! :D

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