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Baking diaries pt. 1

Look at this bomb cherry pie i threw together. 

The dough was in the fridge for a couple of days cause we had other deserts lying around that needed to be eaten first before i could make this. 

The problem is, when you leave dough in the fridge, it loses moisture, so the dough of this was like falling apart and sticking to the rolling pin and the chopping board. I was about to give up but i was too heart broken to throw out the pie dough since i was looking forward to making this.

So i did my best and then i scooped it with a spatula and finagled it into the pie dish, it was all falling apart in there it was in no way a perfect pie spread.

I literally had to finger it and spread it (phrasing) across the pie dish, that’s why the crust is all burnt at the top cause i was literally spreading like see through pie crust so it could atleast be on top of the pie dish.

The cherries went on fine, i only used one can. I feel like one can is way more flavorful and smart since two cans the cherries are lie taking up your entire mouth and are burning f$*#ing hot when they get into your mouth, with only one can of cherry pie spread its cools way more and the filling doesn’t burn your mouth to death, and you get to taste more delectable crust. 😏

Oh my god the second pie crust on the top was a nightmare. It was literally just chunks and pieces that i managed to piece together and spread to make a choppy top, hence all the holes. The plus side is I didnt need to cut vents to make it air, it was already vented! Genius, i know. 

I put a lot of love into the crust, i dropped brown sugar onto the top of the, already heavily sugared pie crust. 

Needless to say, it tasted, Amazing.

And it didnt look to bad as well either.

I think the brown sugar filled in all the open spots from the broken up top xD 

10/10 would write in a cookbook for my grandchildren. One of the ingredients would be “lots of looooove” and “you always get a second chance. 😉”

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