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Songs I Dig 🎶☮

I thought I'd talk about some songs I've been into lately, lately as in since January :>

maybe I'll do one with bands tomorrow we shall see.


✿ This Ain't the Summer of Love- Blue Oyster Cult

✿ Losing Grip- Avril Lavigne

✿ Words of Love- The Mama's and Papa's

✿ Too Sweet- Hozier

✿ Pillhouse- Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

✿ Awful- Hole

✿ Don't Preach to Me- The Skallywags

✿ Redemption Song- Bob Marely & the Wailers 


Of course I have other favorites but these have been what i've been repeating recently. Besides, if i typed out ALL the songs i've been listening to, this blog would never end lol. 

If you want more song recs, fs instant message me; I got a few playlists I can look through 🎶

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