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₊˚ପ⊹ DNI

 DO NOT interact if: 

  •  you support israel 
  •  you're a pro/com/whateveryoucallit shipper 
  •  basic dni (racist, sexist, homophobic etc) 
  •  dsmp fans 
  •  people who cannot criticise their enjoyments 
  •  shed glorifiers 
  •  people who push politics/views/religion/opinions onto others 
  •  'transracial's or whatever 
  •  'dark/edgy humour' as an excuse for being problematic 
  •  luca balsa / deftones dislikers (nothing personal, just very important to me!) 
  •  gore accs 
  •  company/ad accounts get out. get out. get o 
  •  maps / zoos / etc.. 

 ill edit to add more if necessary 

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