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i took this idea from one of my friends on this web, and i want to write ms an intro aswell!!

so hi hello, im gus im 14, turning 15 this june. i rly like drawing, mostly realism, abstract paintings n cartoonish doodles :3 

movies i could watch a 100 times and cry every single time, are "lilya4ever" and "wreck it ralph". YK the scene where Ralph jumps from TURBO'S arms and says something along the lines of "im a bad guy, but its ok, i'll 4ever be bad and thats ok" or sum like that, I ALWAYS END UP BAWLING MY EYES OUT OVER THAT. i JUST LOVEEEEE wreck it ralph!!!

i dont rly like talking to ppl irl, js cuz it stresses me out too much, but i do have 1 bestie of mine (she lives 2h away tho), and like 3-5 other friends too! 

i FUCKING hate school, there r a few classmates that do some stupid ah shit like:

1. throwing ballons filled with water out of the window onto little kids

2. spraying EVERYONE and EVERYTHING with mini waterguns (i got sprayed 3 times the other day)

3. they crashed the class tv, lamp, broke the door, chair, clogged the class'es sink like 3 times now in just a span of about 1 month...😧

as a 4-5 year old, i used to listen to 1D, ladygaga and justin bieber. i was IN LOVE over justin as a toddler/child.

today i made a new sim on sims4, his name is alejandro and hes kinda OBESE and i rly luv him 🖤🖤 in the best way possible btw !

i kinda just wrote random shit i i couldve thinked of atm, dont know if anyones going to read this but wtv

i rly like animes like - angels of death, erased and lucky star! danganronpa is rly cool too

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