School blog #2 Skipping class

My friend "Veronica" skipped class today. So basically she really didn't want to go to Spanish, because it is filled with some really annoying kids. Because that was her class after lunch, we were talking, and she told me about how she was going to skip. So when I was in ELA, I had my discord open and we were talking about it. So she was in the library's bathroom, which nobody ever uses. So she was texting me and nobody caught her until 2 periods after that. So I was in math, and I heard her name being called over the speaker system. I knew she was fucked, and she got called TWICE. But then she texted me, telling me that she used the excuse I made a joke about, just saying you're on your period. And somehow it WORKED?? Yeah, Mr. Austin is a dumbass.

Mr. R is the most sigma teacher known to man. Choir is the worst class every, simply because the people in it are all twats and are in there because its a free class. We literally never do anything of worth. So because I have ELA before Choir, I just stayed in my ELA class for a little longer. I was ranting to my teacher, and told him how "Everyone in my choir class is an IDIOT!!" And stuff like that. I asked him if I could stay in his class so I wouldn't have to be in choir, and he said yes. This is why it PAYS to be a favorite, your teacher will help you skip a class and even made the excuse that "I was asking him about an assignment." 

Bored Ape was also up to some bull shittery today. So he was in art class with my friends Sally and Alex, and so Sally was just drawing shadows with a 6B pencil which is very dark. But she was using it lightly on the paper, so it wasn't just pitch black. So he came over to her, and said. "Sally, why are you using that pencil?? Its too dark" 🤓🤓 But then she explains how she's using it lightly, and to shade. But he then goes on about how its too dark, and hard to erase and that she should be using a lighter pencil. So then Alex joins in, and explains AGAIN that its just a pencil, and she's using it lightly and that it wont be hard to erase. When he shows him, Bored Ape fucking grabs it from his hands, and goes over to Alex's' paper, and presses down hard on it with the pencil, and draws on it. "See? Try to erase that." 🤓🤓 

I seriously cant believe lil bro like its just a pencil 😭😭

So moral of the story, skipping class is easier than you think and pencils shouldnt be fought over.

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i wonder who veronica is

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