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Just watched: Scream(1996)

Disclaimer: this may have some spoilers, so if you havent saw the first Scream movie but plan waching, dont read this blog! It contains spoilers, if you dont care for spoilers, well.. keep reading :)

The movie starts with the cutiest Drew Barrymore, with her blonde hair, i dont know why but i thought she would be in the whole movie but okay;


 Not gonna lie, I had some nsfw thoughts about the voice on the phone but i dont wanna get on that side rn, the way Ghostface plays with the victim got me so anxious idk and also: if i was in Casey's place, i would get the very first question wrong...yeah, i know...

Easter eggs??:

The principal insults the teens thinking that they're knocking the door but FRED thinking he's talking to him, literally Fred:::

Stale Popcorn: Scream to Scream, Scene by Scene: SCENE 18 of Scream  (0:49:44-0:51:44)

Tatums gives Cher from Clueless but i noticed this( after doing some research):

The director was a fan of Nightmare on Elm Street, i guess...just a thought lol...

Still bout Tatum: im so sorry for her, i really liked her not only because of the looks but because she was a lovely friend for Sidney and I wonder if she didnt had any clue about her boyfriend and I rather believe that he wasnt the one who killed her but now:

Stuart is goofy, and i was like, i love how ghostface get his ass whooped a little bit by the victims before he kill them, so my 1┬║ question was: when ghostface is being kicked and punched is Stuart wearing the mask? but then i realized also, when Tatum is about to get killed, Stuart was watching movies with the other guys while Billy was almost losing a fight against Tatum after she hitted him with a fridge door and a bottle of glass;

I think they were a cute couple and I know that in the dept of his heart he got a little bit sad because his girlfriend was killed and asked Billy to do the job and i feel like Billy didnt really liked her, so he accepted....idk guys...

To finish this blog: I could swear the famous phrase was from the satire movie.....

CLASSICHORRORBLOG — Scream (1996) Directed by Wes Craven A masked...

In resume, I loved the movie, the looks, the story, i really like making theories and trying to guess who the killer is! And if you saw my last bulletins you may know that I tried to guess who was the killer and I was kinda right, I thought Billy was messing around alone but he wasnt I admit I actually had a little crush on the other one omg----

How you guys enjoyed this blog and let me know your opinions about the movie in the comments!

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