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Hey u need help putting images in bulletins ? come ill help u

Like i had this problem too but i found my answer in the comment of a forum post so i will just copy it right here

ok first things first get a image host, think something like imgur, imgbb any free image hosting service will do.

now just do an example lets for example you´re using imgur, in this case you click on the image you uploaded and it should provide with several links like this:

but you can also manual type it yourself for example I´m picking this link instead:

then I star writing note that src is short for source, which is the URL which becoming:

but wait its still not working you say? See the <> button at the top of your editor? click on it

paste your code there and turn it off again to see the result. And TA-DA you get a cool image ( btw this is the copy of the comment of this user "GHASTLY", he commented this on a forum entry n i tried it n it works )

I will post a spanish version later

Any recs ??

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