Gyaru misconceptions

1. Kogal isnt a style, it means a gal whos in highschool

2. Hime is indeed a mix of sweet lolita and gyaru

3. Cheetah print is way too overused and other prints can be gal too

4. Agejo and hime arent the only substyles

5. Gal style is supposed to be flashy and dramatic, stop saying that ganguro styles are ugly when those styles are most gyaru by definition 

6. Gal fits everybody

7. Makeup is a must

8. Brand isnt required and having brand doesnt make u better than everyone else

9. Circle lenses and false lashes dont make u gyaru

10. Dont expect gals to be nice, if ur makeup is bad they will tell u and u only look more pathetic when u whine abt how the comm is "toxic" (u cant handle crit)

11. Gyaru isnt supposed to be a clean style

12. Gal isnt blonde hair and tanned skin, light skinned people can also be gyaru without tan or hair dye/wig

13. Gal isnt asian fishing, its pretty much the opposite

14. Gal is based around 90s and 00s american culture esp african american culture

15. The gal style is also based around s work and compensated dating/hostess culture

16. Gal is not based around anime and most gals despise anime

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