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byi + dni

before you interact

-I am a minor, I'm alright with adults interacting, but please do not act weird towards me !!

-I use tone tags/tone indicators !! I'm not forcing anyone to use them, but just please be aware that I might not always understand some social cues !!

-Initially, I might come off as awkward, and I apologize if I do!!

-I have a girlfriend, so plz do not flirt with me!! ^^

-I'm mainly active on discord!! If you want to add me on there, feel free to IM/message me, or comment on one of my recent bulletins to ask for my user !!! :33


do not interact


-You think all jewish people are zionists 

-Xenophobic people

-Islamophobic people


-Misandrists & Misogynists




-Against Xenogenders, Neogenders, Xenopronouns n Neopronouns users, Xenoids, Alterhumans, against anything relevant to those

-Homophobes/Anti LGBTQIA+

-Comshippers,, Lolicons,, Pedos/Proshippers,, MAPS (adults who are attracted to minors)

-People who sexualize age regression

-RCTA (Race change to another)

-People who romanticize mental illnesses/disorders

-AroAce exclusionists/Asexual exclusionists

-Constant nsfw bulletin posters

-TCC (true crime community)/Zero day fans/Anything relevant to the listed two

-sh/ed twt

-You purposely misuse tonetags/tone indicators

-You call neurodivergent people "sped" or/and "special" in a way to mock them/make fun of them

-Against self shipping, self inserts/self insert ocs (I don't rlly see any problem w it tbh)

yeha. thats it. grub

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