AHHH I hope i get hired i need money to fuel my shopping addiction and I also wanna replace the uggo furniture in my room >.> and i also need more posters to cover my wall >.> ALSO I LOVE MALLS BUT I HATE THAT ITS STILL SO EXPENSIVE LIKE PLLZZZZZ JUST DECREASE UR PRICES IT WILL WORK FOR U AND BRING MORE PEOPLE TO THE MALL TRUST MEEEE


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I also need more posters. :'(
I want my whole room to be covered in posters, like it used to be before they were thrown in the bin.

I hope you get hired. Good luck!

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oh my... sorry about the font size. XDD

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ITS ALL GOOD I COULD READ IT BETTER LOL,but yeah my room severely needs a makeover again the furniture is so cheap and ugly looking lol

by zammyzlaughterzz; ; Report