I need cheap gothic lolita clothes pls

Moi meme moitie literally is selling a pair of socks for 25 fucking dollars no mana ily but i am NOT buying a dress for 300 bucks

And lolitashow has like good stuff for cheap but the stuff that i like is 200 dollarsĀ 

42lolita cannot even do gothic lolita correctly all it is is black sweet lolita dresses

And resellers are going into the 500s for a pair of legacy moi meme moitie earringsĀ 

And speaking of lolita can we pls change the name its so awkward to talk to anyone that isnt educated in j-fashion abt lolita like i dont wanna be associated with the weird book thing can we rename it to something like ningyo

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i tried never do it again have fun trying to talk about lolita fashion w ppl who dont know abt it and they just assume its the book
lolita clothes r never cheap bc the style is all made individually by ppl not by big corporations unless you want thin shein shit

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