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About me <3

Hiiii im kayla! (which you all probably know already) Im from the U.S and I use she her pronouns.

I like alot of stuff but lately ive been pretty into like btd and tpof. I also like Jake and johnnie and tara yummy shes super cool! I also like music like I listen to alot of different genres like I recently started getting into country. And I like other stuff but I suck at remembering stuff on the spot so ill probably just randomly post abt my interest like whatever comes to mind.

Im black and I also play the guitar (not well) and viola :3

I love blogging and photography and I also have a cat

Im probably gonna do a face rev soon when I actually have decent pictures of myself bc yeah

Dni Interact list! 



Anti semitic people

Furrys are ok just not zoos

People who are 13 and under (sorry yall)


18+ peeps

And thats abt it ( ´ω`) 

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ur so cool!! i heart btd and tpof

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OMG YESSSSUHBRGJBHRUHFI love ren and lawrence and you seem rlly cool as well !!

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