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Just a history

Diary of zike

Hello today is 06/18/2087 i found a little door in the closet of my room and i decided to enter. inside the door there was a long pink and shiny Tunnel, I wasn't scared so I ducked down, entered the door and started walking through the tunnel. It must have been a few minutes before I reached the other side of the tunnel, there were two doors, one on the right and one on the left, both with descriptions on their wood. the one on the right said "bad place" and the one on the left "good place" without hesitation I entered the door on the left, a flash came to my eyes when I opened the door, it was beautiful and bright. I went through the door and heard it close behind me, as I crawled on the floor, moving away from the door, the light faded and I could clearly see where I was now. it was a place with trees, not too many to avoid too much shade but not too few to get too much sun, the trees were green and alive, the ground was covered with strong green grass. and at the bottom there was a playground whose wood was

light brown, its blue swings and yellow slide. It's not hot in this place but it's not cold, it's a pleasant climate, it's so silent here but you can still hear birds and the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees. I'm now sitting on one of the blue swings writing this, no, I didn't bring paper and pen, oddly enough they were already here in the playground and I decided to keep a diary of what's around here, I don't intend to go home anytime soon, because it's cozier here

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