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sources for things on my profile !! will be edited later

this is intended to be: 

a resource for me in case i ever forget where i got certain things from, 

credit to the origins of the stuff on my profile,

and a resource for anyone looking for websites that contain stuff for their profiles, since most of the things here will be links to websites that have a bunch of stuff they can use

unfortunately, some things like blinkies i just wont have links for since i dont remember where i got them from. however, if you are looking for ones to use, there are a whole bunch of resources you can use! one is where you can use a background and add ur own text !!


gif at the top of my profile:

code for animated name: i believe it was from but it appears the website has since been changed, so i'm not too sure... still seems like a good resource though.

pfp: it was made by me using !! its a pretty cool site - idk how to explain it but u can basically make pixel art but you have a lot more than just pixels - theres a bunch of shapes + letters

the "online" gif: cant find the link to the specific one i used but it was from the online section of this website

i would've put the link to the gif thats set as the bg in my profile but unfortunately the person who owned the website just randomly took it down?? i guess this is a good time to say this: if you REALLY REALLY like something you found on the internet, that you want to put on your website/profile/whatever, consider downloading it and uploading it to a file holding website instead of just linking it directly from where you found it. (it would also probably be a good idea to keep a note of where you got the thing from, so you can credit the creator) this is good for probably several reasons, but the most important one is that if the website it's from is taken down, your profile won't get all messed up. if you had linked it directly from the website and it got taken down, then... your link means nothing because it no longer exists, and whatever you were using is probably gonna be gone from your profile. at least, i think thats how it works, and im not taking any chances. file garden is a pretty good website for hosting files. its what i personally use - and its how i managed to keep my background! 

cuttlefish pixel gif:

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