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rewatched the walten files + the new episode

dude i have so much nostalgia for this even tho it was like, only three years ago. HOLY SHIT THAT ACTUALLY FEELS SO CRAZY TO TYPE OUT. like theres no way this was three years ago?? i litereally remember watching the videos and not being able to sleep the next night because of how scared i got....... i remember i was TERRIFIED of boozoos ghosts and the mysterious house............. i couldnt even watch the videos just by themselves because they made me literally so scared. i had to watch other people's reactions so i would feel safer lmfaooo

anyway i'm a lot less scared of them now especially since i've kinda been getting into horror (yes, specifically analog horror,,,,,, i just found some entertaining youtube channels that did videos of them so i got interested. and yes i still have to watch other people reacting or else i think i personally am going to Die at Three in the Morning) and i was watching a vid from this one dude reacting to it and im literalllyyyy so obsessed with it rn. the new episode especially is so fucking awesome. im sure theres a lot of stuff im missing cuz iirc theres a bunch of hidden things ur supposed to hunt down? gonna spend the rest of the week rotating this in my brain..

literally who the hell is "bon" !!! who is possessing bon!!!! i thought it was jack but honestly im not too sure anymore. who the hell is the bear !!!! also i love billy

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