dog poetry

*note: i use dogs as a metaphor for different things in my life so it means something different each time i write using it. interpret my poetry however you like <33*

TRIGGER WARNINGS: blood, aggressive behavior, and several possible traumatic triggers!!

sick dog 

you barked at me and i said it's ok.

then you bit me and i told you it was fine.

i tried to hate you for it

however when the blood from my hands dripped you licked it away

and as tears formed in my eyes you laid your head in my chest,

 urging me not to cry.

i believe you,

that you are sorry and that it won’t happen again because you love me.

and maybe it wasn’t your fault to begin with,

and maybe there is something wrong in your brain,

so how could i ever blame you?

and just like that my hands are red and im blaming myself again

and the amount of times i lied to keep you safe,

could fill your bowl for months,

but you just kept eating anyways.

because it doesn't mean anything to you.


Do you even have a face?

i'm so used to seeing the gleaming,

snarling teeth,

that i can't seem to pick you out of a pack of dogs

and the sounds that come from your mouth dont sound right unless they are loud

Do your eyes even exist,

if they squint so far every day that no one can see them?

Are your teeth real when they are not dripping with my blood?

Am I even real if I am not the source of your anger?

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♦ . . medkit / juno

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these are wonderful :-)! hope things get better for you 💖

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