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10.4.24 - 3 reasons to delete social media

I've always wanted to delete my social media (tiktok, snapchat, X, discord) but last month I had a breakthrough and did it. My life has improved greatly since I've deleted them.

Sure I still have instagram, facebook and youtube but another thing i've done is not watch any shorts on any app. I had a discord server with over 500 members and I deleted it, which was a massive relief, stopped wasting so much time on video games that are just set for grinding (genshin impact etc).

Of course it is okay to use social media moderately but this was something for me that i had been addicted to for almost 5 years so the best way i decided for myself was to get rid of it all.

1. Creativity 

giving my mind to think about things without anything happening is one of the best things that happened to me. boredom is my friend and challenges me to start conjuring up ideas in a creative context and maybe this is because im more of a creative person but i think it really opened up my mind to take a break from learning new things.

2. Accomplishing

feeling like everyday isn't a waste, sure you can feel that it is without social media but it made me motivated to get things done like applying for jobs, practicing my vocals and having a set mind.

you ever feel like it's hard to partake in your passions because you can't be bothered? well deleting most social media fixed this problem for me. it pushed me out of my comfort zone but it was worth it, getting out into my local community and checking events that were happening. especially if you struggle making friends, you can't expect everything to come to you.

3. Facing reality 

people might have struggles that instead of getting it together they will sit on social media or video games finding an escape, this was me. i never knew what i wanted to do with my future, until i had no social media. it was hard at first but the more i cleared up within myself, the more i realised what i wanted to do. 

So these were a few reasons why you should delete social media, thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments!


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good job im proud of you
it must’ve been a hard decision but it’s for the better

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thanks ace, feels like im preaching on the streets right now.

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