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Just airing out my feelings a bit

I know the internet is the LAST place to talk about your struggles but I just feel like all my childhood even still into my adulthood my dad just yells at me randomly when we are just talking,it just still hurts my feelings and it always turns into my dad comparing me to other people i know a lot of people struggle with this but it just hurts when you're trying to take control of your life and do things for yourself because it feels like he doesn't like the way im deciding to do things,i'm trying my best to be an adult and i don't think he's being very understanding i can kind of understand from his point of view,but hes already fully grown and im still getting used to being 20,i understand maybe hes scolding me a lot because i'm not doing it right but my feelings are just so hurt i just feel like my dad will never feel happy with me lol and he just randomly gets mad at me lol he just always scolds me about where im at at life when others are at different places which isn't all completely my fault he forced me to work with my uncle and im finally free so working with my uncle isn't a reference i can use and i was in that job for almost a year and now hes mad that i dont have much expierience. Sorry for any typos my feelings are hurt LOL it just feels like being a kid again and getting yelled at for things that are not really my fault :P BUT HAVE A GOOD DAY/NIGHT/AFTERNOON 

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