School blog (more of a rant tbh) #1

My mom is tired of hearing me rant about random shit to her, so ill just talk about my school day here. :3 

ELA was super mid today, but I was able to vent to my teacher about a kid ill call Bored Ape because thats what hes built like. He has been harassing my friend group since the start of the school year, even though he is a grade behind us. Basically, one of my friends, "Sally" also a grade behind us, but she's super chill and we all really like her. Bored Ape had been bullying her for the past while, and is just a complete fuckface. He started being mean to me too just because im close friends with her, and blah blah blah, months later, we're still stuck with this asshole. He's only really close to one friend, "Alex". So Bored Ape really, really, REALLY likes Alex. So I told my teacher, Mr. R, all about Bored Ape. Basically, Mr. R just told me to report us to Mr. Austin (I will name drop his punk ass), but I have beef with him, and he probably wont believe me, even though Bored Ape has been suspended THREE FUCKING TIMES, and im my school, its a rule that you'll get kicked out. He was supposed too, but his mother, Ms. Ri, is also a teacher and probably saved his fucking bitch ass. But yeah, I had a pretty good talk with Mr. R, and he was basically telling me to report everything he's done, and that if anything did happen, he'd be on my side. (Sorry for the long-ish rant about that bitch ass kid he just causes hatred inside of me)

The rest of the day was pretty chill, until Science. Im good at science, its a super free class. And it was today, until I noticed a girl, "Ellie" cutting an orange with a knife. But was treating it as if it was an apple. The orange still had its peel, and she was completely ignoring the middle of the orange. More people started to notice, and she acted as if nothing was wrong. She was cutting a orange like a apple. She didint know how to properly eat a orange. Lets just say that in that moment, she really put the Idiot in American Idiot. Even our teacher, Ms. V was completely shocked by this. We all started yelling at her (not in a really aggressive way, in a more confused surprised way) about this bullshit she was doing. She literally had a plate, a dull knife, and a orange begging for the lords mercy. As I said, she had cut it as if it was an apple, ignoring the "core" WHICH DOSNT EVEN EXIST ON A ORANGE. When she threw out the middle piece, some other girl, "Allie" looked at her and said, "You just threw out so much of the orange, you wasted so much!" and Ellie replied "But that part is hard, you cant eat it." ... Dawg. So basically she was left with basically no orange, and sad slices. Then a friend (kinda.?) of mine said "Thats what America does to these kids bro" (Our school is American, but not situated in America. 

So long story short, I have a W ELA teacher and people are stupid.

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I wonder who sally is?

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hmmm i wonder

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