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So, ive lost my phone 3 months ago, it wasnt much a problem cause i have my PC, and it was good till like a week ago when my mom decided to took it away, and put it on the living room, and now they send me to sleep so fucking early, i cant even go skating cause my board is broken, just as broke as i am,  and my parents dont wanna buy me a new phone, so i literally, i got like nothing, maybe i sound like a annoying teenager or som but i literally dont have nothing else, not even friends lmao, so im like a dead body or som, i wanna kill myselffffffff, idk why they are like this but, even if i beg they dont give a shit, i jsut wanna disspaear somtimes, whatever.

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man... technology is all around us. take it from an old man like me having nothing to distract you is amazing and it's a dying art. Take advantage of this little break you have and go out exploring maybe pick up a book I promise it'll change ya life

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dude ive readed all the books and comics i have, i make clothes, i try to do new stuff always but i still need kinda of the technology, talk to somebody or something, i dont even have music

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honestly thats pretty fair.... but I feel like maybe it's because I'm chronically online and that's why I'm constantly running from it.... all I'm saying is it's not a bad boat to be in and you can learn a lot just from your own boredom

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