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I was thinking of starting a YouTube channel.

It's been a thought that keeps coming up, but I don't even know what I would post, I'm not even sure if people would care to watch but I'm sure people would get bored enough at some point to watch even a moment of it. 

Though i would only use it to leave my mark somewhere, even if it's just on the internet.

 I could become immortal in a sense. Living in someone's mind even for a second gives my life more worth than i think i could try to muster for myself.

Maybe i'll be one of those people who don't get popular till after they pass or I'll by just another person in the billions on the internet that doesn't even get remembered for more than a week, a month if i get lucky.

Ik this is all depressing but i have issues and just need to be perceived to feel that I'm worth anything. A thought of me is still a though. If you read this thank you. I hope my life still has some meaning yet :))

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