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aas i said ive been on a sims 2 hole lately so this is a drawing of my sims 2 persona (stardew farmer) getting left on the altar by Harvey in their wedding so she leaves and lives her unlived emo years in her 30s

i had to stopplaying this char bc my kid that was very cruel to the storyline got taken away when i waas trying to rizz up my first highcshool lesbian situationship


i made my annual harvey and Me portrait!

i try to draw me n harvey in this pose each year but last year was a experimental hell so i only have 3 drawings out of 4 

first one is from 2021 n the second one is from 2022, we dont talk abt the 2023

my frien n i talked abt creepypastas and i wanted to draw my all time  fav laughing jack ofc

she found this hot so i drew her another more slutty one

yeaa so thats it!! im going more traditional these days 

bush logs off!

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these are so good, i love your art style!!!

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HAUUHH THANK YOU people likin my art is like fuel to me udk how much it means

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