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April 8th, 2024

I love waking up and sm0king out of my b0ng by my window in the morning, the sunlight hits through my blinds just right at certain times  :))  I love that I wake up early because nobody is really awake and the internet feels more empty which I like and I hate being alone but I just enjoy my own company better in the morning I think. There's supposed so be some sort of eclipse and like asteroid I think or something tonight. 

I just found my 5th grade year book and bro WHY WAS I BEING SO MESSY 😭 I had ppls names and faces crossed out and writing "i'm evil" with an arrow pointed towards someone ☠ ig I was rlly beefing ig 

I also found this scrapbook I made as a lil kid and it had monster high, plaid, cherry, etc print washi tape and garbage pail kids cards and it just looked hella cool and there was some old photos, imma show it to my sister later on and maybe my dad

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