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All nighters

TODAY MY DAILY BLOG IS ABOUT SOMETHING IVE BEEN DOING VERY VERY VERY OFTEN AS IN EVERY NIGHT YALL. Ive been pulling all nighters and ive finally started school again and I need to stop. Some of you guys gave me tips on my last lil bulletin on how to fix my already fucked sleep schedule and I actually might try and listen but... I might just go to bed in the afternoon after I pick up my brother and wake up at 2 and continue the unhealthy sleep schedule. I mean its so far gone like its crazy how bad my sleep schedule is like I feel like a vampire. Dont sleep during the night and sleep during the day. BUT I FEEL LIKE STAYING UP ALL NIGHT AND CLEANING AND DOING HW AND STUFF IS WEIRD LIKE it would be better to do it during the day like it feels unatural!

 And also not only that my recent friend drama has been affecting my sleep schedule like oh my god I mean its slowly ending but im still upset abt it and ive js been processing whats been going on and stuff and taking my space but like the whole thing leads me to overthink and then I get upset and then I end up staying awake thinking abt everything I could have done differently. BUT THATS SO UNHEALTHY AND I NEED TO STOP YALL like I know its bad but it just happens. And im feeling super tired like I was gonna do my laundry but I can feel myself crashing and burning like im gonna be knocked out. BUT I HAVE TO WAIT 3 HOURS because my brother is finally coming home from my moms sperm donors house (YIPPE) we love bubby wubs. 

But like this feels like hell even though I caused this womp womp frl. At least ill be able to stay away for lunch and stuff. Now that im thinking abt it my lunch is kinda my dinner now because since im going to bed early im not actually eating three meals a day but I did eat a huge brownie this morning and some other stuff so just eating lunch should be fine with allat. See guys this is why you dont ruin your sleep schedule because then your eating habits are also gonna be messed up and also my cat loves routine and im like a mess so thats probably why shes been a bit more pissy than usual. Also everyone im gonna end up face revaling and also doing a photo dump in general when i have the motivation ive been taking these really pretty sunset pics and stuff and i wanna show them off so ima do that at some point. My blog entry was longer than usual (kinda proud) But thats abt it for tonight im probably not gonna reply to pms or anything bc im like dying and my social battery is draining by the second!

 Bye pooka butts love yaur <3

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