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Diary Entry 44

Dear Diary,

          I went out and got hammered, it’s was my first time drinking and I ended up crashing at this very pretty ladies place, SO PRETTY!!1! She let me sleep over and I woke up in the morning and asked if she wanted to go do something, so we went to the mall and I bought all sorts of nice clothes and plushies and bracelets!!!~

          I didn’t want to go to work and she said “you don’t have to” I really wanted to quit and she said “quit, fuck it why not” SO I TOTALLY QUIT. Then we decided to go to the mall right after that decision. When we were at the mall she mentioned a vibrator we passed by and she said I should get one!! I’ve never had my virginity taken and I’ve never used a toy AND I HAVEN’T CLIMAXED IN SO LONG BECAUSE I WAS SO STRESSED. So I decided to buy it because I really needed it.

          I asked her if I could just use it in her room because I literally have no personal time to use one. I live in a family house with 5 other people, 1 bathroom, I share my room with my brother, AND we have no fucking door. I have no girl time for myself, it’s so not fair!!!1!1!!

          She was so down to let me do it, saying “a girls gotta do what she’s gotta do.” She understood how hard it is for girls to cum!!! And she was so open to let me do it!!! I spent about 3 hours trying to get off and I just COULDN'T FUCKING DO IT!!! She was chilling in the room with me while I was getting off and she said “don’t be nervous, it was really hot.”

          Later when it turned dark we decided to lay in her bed and stare up at the ceiling, just thinking about stuff to ourselves I suppose. Until she started spooning me and I thought “wowwie BEST day eveerrrr!!!” But all that happened is that she was talking to me in my right ear which had my body twitching. She figured out that my right ear and my neck were my weak spots and played around with me!!! Talking and laughing in my ear while she was poking my sides. Making me whimper and giggle and shit!!!

          She then kicked me into another room, I slept another night, and left the next morning. Getting drunk and meeting this person taught me that I should be actually social. And I should get drunk and stuff a lot more, getting drunk was awesum sauce!!! These past couple days have been the highlight of the local internet failure girl known as “Miki”

Sincerely, Miki

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