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April 7th 2024 

hai ermmm ik I haven't written here in a while, i've been getting crunk LOL

nah but fr I saw black kray the other day and it was a great night I had so much funnn, we drank before we went in too so yk we were having a blast, we smoked after the show and my friends dropped me off, sober me cleaned my bed off so when I came home I crashed tf outttt at like 2am

I have prom soon which I'm super excited Abt, I went and got shoes and took my dress to get hemmed the other day n imma go pick it up next week 

I've also been dealing with the guilt of my actions that ik I shouldn't even feel guilty abt it but bru this shit gmfu ngl, I keep going in circles 

I also cleaned my room hellaaaaa good and put some more stuff up on my walls like old artwork and show flyers and I got some w33d so i'm enjoying being in my room and sm0king :33

I might make another entry today, we'll see, but def need to get back writing them so I don't go crazy lolz 

bai baiiii

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