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bought my first cd player

I got the groov-e personal player, which doesn't come with a speaker, but DOES have earphones. I bought the batteries today & I think for £20 it's pretty cool - I virtually got it for free anyway because I used a voucher I earned from participating in a study about eating habits. I also bought the new Green Day album to accompany it, but since I have only ever heard "American Idiot," I used my Nova Twins cd instead (Supernova - check it out RIGHT NOW) to test it. The first operation is a bit fiddly, but I was satisfied with it and if you have your own earphones/headphones, I recommend it. 

I hope to upgrade soon when I first get a job, by buying a speaker since I'm not a massive fan of damaging my ears (nowadays it's getting more normal to play your music in public again like we're in the fucking 80s anyway), but for an economical choice it's great! Sound quality is expected, the tone's all the same, but anti-skip protection, the ability to randomise & program 20 tracks is really neat. As this generation gets more obsessed with retro/analogue gear, I hope the market opens up like the dumbphones did, and we get more variety.

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