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sims 2 appreciation blog! (why i love the sims 2 + my pleasantview neighborhood)

very long ramble incoming!!

I LUV THE SIMS 2!! the best game in the franchise istg. the lore, the drama, the fashion, everything about it is just *cheffs kiss* i could play this for hours and not get bored.. sims 4 could never. i especially love love LOVE downloading custom content from the 2000s and making my sims look like they came straight out of those sims 2 music videos/machinimas from the late 2000s. my game is basically stuck in 2008 and i love it lol! i recently started playing pleasantview and YALLLL theres so much tea omg. first i played Don Lothario and made him hook up with Nina Caliente and as they were getting down and dirty in the hottub HE GOT CAUGHT BY THE MAID (who he was also having an affair with)... awkward! then once she left he called over Dina Caliente, Nina's sister AND HOOKED UP WITH HER TOO. and keep in mind he's also engaged to Cassandra Goth... poor girl, little does she know her man is a little womanizer! he also hooked up with a random girl he met at the club who later turned out to be an ELDER woman (she was wearing a blonde wig so i couldnt tell at first lmao) but he didnt care, if theres a hole theres a goal right? (yuck) then i played the Goth household and i was struck by drama right from the start! remember when i said that Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario are engaged? well they were supposed to get married but Don left Cassandra at the altar! disappointing but not surprising, i guess he wasnt ready for commitment yet. understandably, she was heartbroken but she wasnt going to wallow in her misery, so she went ahead and bought a cat since she really wanted one. as she was at the pet store, she met Darren Dreamer and they just started flirting?? not in front of the pets! i figured they would make a cute couple so they went on a couple of dates. Cassandra quickly fell in love with Darren and could already picture a future together, so on the second date things got serious as she decided to propose to him! he accepted of course, and to celebrate the engagement they did a quick woohoo in the photobooth. after a crazy night she had a surprise... she was pregnant!! and it wasnt just any pregnancy, she had TWINS. two little boys to be exact, Nathan and Jacob :) anyways enough of Cassandra, lets move on... ever since of Bella Goth's mysterious disappearance, Dina Caliente had her eyes on Mortimer Goth who was filthy rich. unfortunately he was also near the end of his life so she had to be quick. she proposed to him and shortly after they got married and she moved in the Goth household. not even 24 hours after getting married Mortimer had passed away from old age, but Dina couldn't care less, she already got the bag! she was literally watching tv when he died... LOL. as for Nina, on the first night of playing her, she got asked to hangout with Don at a restaurant. i thought maybe this could turn into a cute date.. boy was i wrong. imagine the shock i felt when i saw that Don brought his OTHER MISTRESSES with him??? wtf?? and as soon as they arrived, him and Nina woohooed in a photobooth infront of his mistresses... maybe this was his way of making his relationship with Nina official? needless to say lots of drama ensued after that, Nina even got in a fight with one of the girls! oh and meanwhile she was on the outing, a burglar entered her house and stole her hottub... T_T but yeah this is what happened in pleasantview so far. imma go play sims 2 now :p

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Charl☆tte *・。*・

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sadly the sims 4 can't compare to them even in terms of animations :(

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the gameplay is literally unmatched!

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right! wants and fears, memories, turn ons and turn offs, sims have actual personalities... how can u not love sims 2??

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⋅⊰∙∘☽ the Fairy Gothmother ☾∘∙⊱⋅

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sims 2 is objectively the best sims game with the most lore ♡

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exactly!! EA has set such high standards for the franchise with the sims 2 that the other games werent able to reach imo

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