going 2 the libraryy

so i'm gonna maybe go to the library later today which im rlly excited for cuz im gonna get rise of scourge !!! which i actually never read even tho i always wanted to

on a side note, does anyone else ever feel like there's a fandom they just cant escape no matter what? to me it feels like no matter how hard i try to distance myself or how long i lose interest in it for, i just cant stop going back to being a warrior cats fan.

 tbf it was literally the first piece of media i liked as a kid that had an actual thriving fanbase (i mean... while other random kids shows DID have fans they usually didnt have a lot of fan content, especially compared to warrior cats which to this day still has a ton of fan animations being made for it) and it was my fav thing ever. i think the first oc i ever made WAS a warrior cats oc. 

even tho i find a lot of the fanbase irritating (people complaining over things that are to be expected in a fandom composed of mostly kids + teenagers, making random drama over the dumbest things, getting mad if someone likes a character that you don't like, etc) i just feel like its my home in a way. its where i got my start in drawing, basically heavily influencing the way i make art (...i still struggle drawing humans a LOT + these books are probably the reason i'm a furry) and a lot of the artists that i aspire to be like one day are also warrior cats fans. many of the people i talk to are fans, even if the things we talk about are completely unrelated to the books. i think every discord server i'm active in IS related to warrior cats in some way except for one of them. idrk how to end this blog but i think its interesting that i've been a fan of these books for basically my whole life

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