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recom: horse lords are a grwat band!!

horse lrods have been one o fmy greatest musical discoveries so far :3 its really interesing how they make experimental music approaches so accesible and evne dancey :D

their trakcs are often minimalistic compositons that can stretch out really long, and i think i cant get enough of them <3 there are also some very interesting trick they play with time signature adn interlocking parts idk how to describe them well but every minute change goes such a long way!!

one of my fav moments is in "zero degree machine", where after a behemoth of a buildup and climax it melts back down and the saxophone does a 1-bar loop, which it then rpeeats with a little delay adn then all the repetitons make a single rising melody :0 its very hard to expect that reult from the start and it hits like a truck xD of course thats just one of many amainzg moments in their for now short discog

their music can sound a bit cynical or even sterile but its also evident that theres passion poured into every little detail, down to the tuning of their instruemtns :3 you can see it especially in live performances (on youtube so far but i REALLY need to see them live before i die)

anyway i NEED friends i can discuss horse lords with so you better listen >:3 heres one song you might liek!!

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Dog Tooth

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The guitars on this song go crazy hard

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dont they?? :D the most interesting thing is that its just one guitar! im sure youd dig their other songs for their crazy gitar picking too

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