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Ribbons in my hair - [Tue 2024-04-02]

looking for more coquette girlies on here 🐇 might start a girlblog

i love subliminal makers who use their community tabs as diaries

want to look dark and messy, effy stonem, fatal frame, yuki cross... desperate for cute pinterest/coquette tops, and i will not buy from depop or etsy (idk doesn't feel safe, and the shipping might be iffy...)

hip hop in the summer... recent songs: favorite - isabel larosa, i can't do this (super slowed) - K3NT4!

finished making all the juicy couture bracelets... now what.

it will snow today. in april. the planet is fucked.

diet coke lover.

have i ever had a real crush? i fantasize, while i would never consider dating them... only yearning...

why haven't i listened to rv's chill kill or artms birth yet?? i must hate good music smh... (omg underwater is soo dreamy~) seulgi, yeri, joy have my heart 🤎

i have false lashes, but never been able to successfully apply them. maybe i should try later.

yerin baek's music is like warm latte

frozen grapes are so delicious

really need to stop multitasking, it's so bad for the brain

need to prepare for uni tomorrow... tysm to the person who put their pens in their makeup bag. i've been doing separates, and this will clear up so much space in my bag

nooo, i remember i have a quotev 🤦‍♀️ i kinda wanna take a look... so much morute stuff in there. weirdly comforting.

found out about lina morgana...

wth is a chocolate egg cream

maybe all women should gear up rn. get fit, take martial arts, get a weapon, pepper spray, etc.

before bed: light a scented candle, do milkmaid braids.

"i'm a cherry blossom baby, don't let me blow away..."

fav find of the day, a cute 'what's in my bag':

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