Johnnie Guilbert Rant #2

This one is gonna be shorter than my last one

But does anyone else miss the unfiltered, chaotic, vlogs like during vlogmas. I know that his videos with jake webber now seem pretty unfiltered and chaotic, but, to me, they seem very staged and not very 'personal'. Another thing I miss about his old videos is that they were very chaotic and you never knew what was going to happen and they were not predictable. Like his videos now are very predictable, for instance, dead dad and single joke, but in his older videos, you never knew what was going to happen because of the 'clickbait' titles, and you never knew who would be in them. I remember being very excited by seeing colby brock in one of his older videos when it first came out, or when I saw jake bateman or other of his friends, But now all it is is just jake webber. Another thing I miss is his outro and his intro! I dont know how to describe it but it was fun seeing what he puts under the "AH ITS JOHNNIE". 

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