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I HAVE CREATED A MSN!!! (add me!)

HELLOOOOOOOOOO i'm so excited about this one!!! I HAVE CREATED A MSN!! Thanks to the guys of Escargot!

They basically have most MSN versions FULLY WORKING!! I'M SO HAPPYYYYY

As you can see i have personalized it all pink for Luka Megurine, and well also I don't have any contacts but... YOU CAN ADD ME AT

I love that it doesn't show your actual mail (i created mine when i was 8 so it's pretty embracing LOL) and it creates a fake mail of its own!

If you are werid towards me i'll block you LOL. and also please intruduce yourself first with the link of your spacehey!!

Anyway that's all!! i'm so glad there are so many programmers doing this to a comunnity I didn't even know existed, but this was a dream i always had, using stuff from the early to late 2000's. It's so fun to know that there are so many people that want to experience that too!

For me it all started last year with Space Hey!! then last month with Bitview and now Escargot MSN

For my birthday i'll convince my dad to buy me the Keitai3 KYOCERA 902KC, which is a flip phone with androird 8! AND IT LOOKS SOOOO COOL, and you can add a charm to it like old cameras.

I want first to dich OUTT instagram, I only have it because of my friends but that's all, In reality i don't even spend 1 hour on IG, but it takes space so... When I get my KYOCERA i'm deleting that hell of an app (but will keep the account for archive).

I would talk more about this but that's for another blog!! (or maybe video??) ANYWAY GOODBYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 

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*added* :D

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