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Johnnie Guilbert and Jake rant (Part 1)

Idek what I am doig with my life but here is a rant. I have been very upset at new jake and johnnie fans, as well as tara fans. 

To start, here is some observations i posted on Reddit a bit ago (I updated it a little)

I have been watching him since his MDE phase. He seems to change as a person depending who he has been friends with. The whole Johnnie X Jake thing reminds me of Kohnnie in some ways.


  • He seemed very shy

  • He seemed really kind

  • But also very depressed

  • He was forced to do the whole “Kohnnie” thing for content

  • He also has said that Bryan was making him very uncomfortable

  • He was forced to have his first kiss with Alex

  • His fans were closer to his age (He was ~ 15 - 19)


  • The “Kohnnie” thing and Bryan was over

  • He seemed happy

  • He made a band called Til' Death Do We Part with Jake Bateman

  • He was starting to open up from his shell

  • Very kind seeming

  • Posting mostly vlogs

  • (Fun fact: he was friends with colby brock right before owa)

Post OWA:

  • He had an alcohol addiction

  • Didn't seem very happy in his relationship

  • He only collabbed with Alex and sometimes Jake Bateman

  • He seemed to shut everyone out

  • He seemed almost rude, but barely

  • Posting mostly vlogs

  • Timmy would show up lots

Break Up:

  • Lowest point in his life

  • Right before this, he was starting to get better

  • He posted very infrequently

  • He never posted with anyone else

  • He seemed like a genuinely very nice and kind person

  • He started to make video essays about topics like BOTDF

Ghost House:

  • He was making video essays and also the occasional vlog with Jake Webber and Yung Scuff

  • He started making music more often

  • He seemed more happy because he started hanging out with very positive people

  • He started getting more views

  • He started streaming on twitch often

  • He stopped posting with OWA and Jake bateman

Jake Webber:

  • He gained a massive amount of followers and viewers

  • He streams on twitch almost every day (Stopped??)

  • He mostly posts videos with Jake Webber and the occasional video essay (Not anymore lol)

  • His fans were now way younger than him because Jake Webbers fans were younger

  • His fans that were there since MDE were way outnumbered and are now not children

  • His fans HEAVILY ship Jake Webber and Johnnie (I personally don’t)

    • Most of which are 12-15 and don't know about Kohnnie

    • Unlike Kohnnie, Bryan isn’t forcing him to do this

  • He has constant inappropriate message on twitch and youtube

  • People are simping over him and the age gap is the same as him and bryan stars

  • Timmy returned

Now that that is over, I also would like to talk about how jake webber and johnnie have sorta became one person over time. If you look at both of them before they met, Johnnie would dye and change up his hair and was more modest (like not having his shirt unbuttoned and stuff) and posted many videos about different topics that were current in the media and it was more down to earth, and jake also would dye his hair more, was more goofy, and had had own style. Now they both only keep their hair black, johnnie wears less modest clothes and jake wears pyjama pants. 

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