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things i want to do in 2024!!

i totally didnt make this like almost halfway through the year shut up 

this is kind of like a "bucket list" but for this year!! as i do things from this list i'll cross them off, and if i think of more stuff i wanna do i might add those things here as well :3 i'll probably forget to update this lol


Nose piercing!!

Dye at least the tips or a strand of my hair

Start a scrapbook

Fill up one side of my CD organizer >:3

Draw more!!


American Psycho

Seasons 13-15 of Criminal Minds

Invader Zim

Breaking Bad

MLP rewatch!!



(i've had this "to listen to" list for AGES)

American Hi-Fi

Suicide Silence

Senses Fail

My Bloody Valentine


Texas Is The Reason

Mauled By Kittens

This blog will periodically be added to/edited :D

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