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soooo yeah they added my fav guy to the game!!!!!!!!!!

this post is about volo from pokemon legends arceus And the game i am talking about in the title is pokemon masters ex

im being very normal right now but man. i have lost my mind several times in the past few days............. i cant help it this guy is just so fucking adorable to me. "eermmmm he's litereally evil and wants to end the world andddd he literally fought a teenager and summoned satannn ermmmmmmmmmmm he's just acting all cute so he can catch you off guard" Have YOu Considered I Dont Care. have you considered that he can Change. have you considered that i am That Person who thinks that xe can fix him. Did you consider that

anyyywayyyyyyyyy i have all the reasons in the world to be enamored with him. if you think its just cuz he's pretty you are DEAD WRONG. i dont feel like explaining it all rn but once (last year) i was like really going thru it (as in. the worst time of my life ever) and i was like. "grrrrr i wish the world would Explode. i wish i could explode the world and make a better world." and then. i pLay this game. and . This Guy shows up andr. Says all of my emotions, that i had, and disappears, ? do you understand. do you understand why i am emotionally invested in this character. if i can get better so can he and if he can get better so can i. i know he is struggliing. i know he is going thru it. i know he can get out of it!!!!!!!!!!!! i am cheering him on idc  if he isnt even real!!!!!! that doesnt matter to me!!!!! he is going thru what i was going thru. we can beat this 2gether

i knowwww i sound crazy but i litereally DO not care because i literally just dont. i am living a decently normal life and this is not negatively affecting me, if anything it is making me better

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