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Isolation and loneliness amplified

Being an introvert and dealing with clinical depression and anxiety, it was already hard enough dealing with feeling isolated and friendless. You would think being quarantined would be no big deal, then, but if anything it has been setting me off more than a usual day before 2020. When all this is over, I will be working hard to get over my insecurities and get out of my shell. It would be nice to make friends. If we move to Maine this year, I'm hoping it will be easier to meet and make friendships there. It has never worked out for me here in California.

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I know all about it. I’ve been using SpaceHey as a tool to get out of my shell. I would love to chat about this subject privately.

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Sounds good! I'm always free to talk

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✿Jeannie's✿ COMFORT ZONE

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Awww hope everything works out for you, positive thoughts, deep breaths and music music music, helps with my anxiety & PTSD which thankgoodness I never had to take medication for

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Thank you. It is hard to be a Midwesterner with a certain set of values in a place with a different set of values. It's not to say that one is better than the other, it's simply a clash of culture. Certainly someone from California would feel out of their comfort zone in New Jersey or Florida.

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Oh I understand, would be like me going to another province here and would definately not work for me. I live in a big city here in Toronto and my best friend moved to a small town 2 hours from here and the first time I visited her there I was like omg how can you live here lol I certainly did not fit in and couldn't wait to get home and people there were old school speaking in terms we just do not do nowadays which really bothered me especially since my son is gay

by ✿Jeannie's✿ COMFORT ZONE; ; Report

Oh yeah. That's anywhere. I miss the area I'm from, not the ignorance and backwards beliefs of some of the people for sure.

Toronto is super fun! I remember when we could go over there and drink at 19. I remember how gay friendly it was, it's why my friend liked going there. He was safe.

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oh cool yes I live right in the heart of downtown Toronto not far from the village, very sad here right now with downtown so deserted as we are still in a stay at home order with most everything closed

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